Best Cheap Gaming Laptop 2015 Comparison (Under 1500 Dollars)

Only a few years ago, if you wanted a gaming laptop that was capable of playing the newest PC games, and you wanted to have decent resolution with high detail settings, it would easily cost $2000 or more, especially if you wanted the laptop to be usable for gaming for more than one or two years. Today, things are a bit different; although the changes do depend on the particular gaming laptop you’re considering and how you define a "gaming laptop." According to my understanding, a gaming laptop around $1500 even more cheaper can satisfy most of the gamers’ needs. Here, I’ll recommend some cheap gaming laptop in 2015, the price is between $800 and $1500.

Our recommend: Lenovo Y50

Lenovo Y50

The notebooks in the Lenovo’s Y series are jewels within the gaming laptop arena that has been overlooked for a long time. The Y50 and the Y510p laptops both deliver a great deal of performance and power, while providing great 1080p displays and strong audio for a remarkably affordable price.


Let’s take a look first at the Lenovo Y50 to see what it gained or lost when compared to the Y510p. By getting rid of the Ultrabay, the Lenovo Y50 weight has been reduced to 5.29 pounds and now only measures 0.94 inches in thickness. The Y510p, by comparison, is a bit larger weighing in at 5.95 pounds and measuring 1.41 inches in thickness.

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