1080p at 60 fps now available for NVIDIA SHIELD

Now that NVIDIA has given up manufacturing their own communication systems they have more time and resources to improve the products they already have in the market. Perhaps this is why they have announced on their blog that the game streaming service (GRID) is now available in 1080p at 60 fps.


GRID is a cloud service through which NVIDIA offers a Catalog of Games which you can play remotely (via streaming), one of the advantages of this being that you no longer have to go through the hassle of having to install the game in your devices. The catalog is quite good, since you can find games like: Batman: Arkham Origins, Devil May Cry 4 or Borderlands: The pre-sequel, among many others.

The disadvantages were, as in all devices of this kind, latency when sending commands (when we click on a button for instance) and the bandwidth used by the service. However, NVIDIA seems to have fixed this issues by adding two new data centers: one southwest U.S which is already available; and the other one in Central Europe, which will begin operations anytime this month. This two come in addition to the other 4 data centers already available worldwide to offer this service to more than 20 countries.

This service improvement is already available for all SHIELD devices, so if you own one, you will free access to GRID for free at least until June 30, 2015. This way you will experience a better quality than ever.

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